2022 Calendar

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There’s a paradox scattered throughout the Bible, a never-ending tension that breaks all my neat little boxes. 

It’s the paradox that sometimes to fight, you must rest. 

Sometimes taking ground looks a lot like being still. 

There’s another paradox littered throughout the Scripture, an endless contradiction that shocks me from my fears.

It’s the mystery that sometimes to have peace, you must fight.

And not just any fight. 

Fight with truth. Speak out what you can’t see, yet proclaim, “It is written”. Fight with the sword that changes everything, every time—the Word.



The 12 verses I’ve picked for the 2022 calendar  are centred around just that—the bond between two words—fight and rest.  

None of us know what 2022 will hold. Well, wait. No. We do know what will 2022 hold, and that’s why I keep plastering my walls (and social media) with Bible verses. 

God is with us. 

There’s no need to fear. 

Rest, and fight.

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