One morning I woke up and actually noticed how the birds were singing. It was early, barely light. But they were still bright and sparky! And I thought, the birds sing when they wake up
No complaining, no dreading the day, no turning over grumpily. . . they sing. They can’t wait for daylight to come! They don’t hate their alarm. They sing. Why can’t I wake up like that? Why can’t I wake up and sing like the birds? My alarm is a song– why not sing along? Why not sing of God’s faithfulness to start my day? Before anything else crowds into my brain? 
Why not. So even though our voices our dry and crackled in the morning, try singing when you wake up. It could be softly. But. Just try it. It changes your whole perspective. . .
Why? God is a Daddy who loves to hear his children singing to him! He doesn’t ever think it’s annoying or off-key or lame! He isn’t stressing about our performance! He delights in us. Just simply, because we are his own kids. No need to be afraid.
In the words of an amazing friend,
I have never heard a child who didn’t think they could sing. 
May we step out into our identity as sons and daughters of our Daddy God, by starting to sing like the birds. 
At all times.