God, I’m so tired.
I know. Now go.
Where? For the sake of all those listening, you know.
Oh yes. Though you know, hi everyone. Kayla needs to go to bed. She loves you but she has not been looking after herself. She needs you to give her grace. She needs you to give her the imagination that she is not as perfect as you make her out to be. She’s even better.
God! You’re not supposed to say that!
Yes I am. I mean, you said yourself, I’m pretty funny. And you love me so much that we are not supposed to be so serious all the time. I love you too much for that. You have not forgotten me nor will you forget me. I have news for you. You are loved. And I will not let you down. I call you perfect and my joy. You are not to derail yourself with unexpected hopes and silly dreams. You are supposed to come to me. Only then will you see me in all my glory, and find a joy unspeakable. “If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more”. But you know me, you know my story. So come now. Let’s go.
You would quote Mr. Knightley from Emma. (You know I know who you’re quoting but I guessed I had to explain to all those blog readers). But you said let’s go, and I’m guessing that means to go brush my teeth, huh?
Of course. Come on, you were not made to spend your life in front of a computer screen for hours. I’ve seen how you have been working so hard and I honor you. I can’t wait to love on you one day. You are so beautiful.
Oh Jesus I don’t know how I’m to handle all of this… you are amazing but here I am falling asleep as I’m writing this…
You make me so happy. Don’t worry. I’ll give them my apologies.
Hey, everyone. My Kayla has to go to bed now. Give her some rest. Amen. 

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