I was sitting in the second row at Vineyard St. Albans, late Sunday morning.

“I was praying and got a picture of an eagle trying to fly, but one wing was stiff and unused
And I feel like God is saying you need to use both to fly.”

In that moment, I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. 

It’s been an incredible few months since I arrived in England. I’ve joined the media team, taken oversight over the YWAM Harpenden website (and the construction of our new one), and I’m co-leading the DTS media track.

In short—I’ve been doing what I’m passionate about, what I’m strong and experienced in.

But that morning at church? 

I remembered media is not the only thing I love to do.

Growing up, I didn’t think I could sing. In high school, my brother Jordan found that out and lectured me: “Kayla, everyone can sing. Your voice is like an instrument. You just need practice.” 

So, in fits and starts, I’ve been a singer and songwriter ever since. Especially when I was on staff in New Zealand and half of my schedule was in the Prayer Room.

But then I became a full-time teacher. Then I moved to Kona. 

And it was much easier to just do the things I’m strong in. Write. Draw. Manage websites. Not sing. 

But when I was sitting in church, I knew what my “other wing” was. There was no mistaking it. I felt God nudging me to sing again. 

So, in October, I got up on a stage for the first time in two and a half years. I played an hour-long “devotional set” with my ukulele and sang about the goodness of God. 

(Disclaimer: I was quite freaked out for a full 24 hours beforehand). 

But I felt like I was flying. 

So—is there something you enjoy doing but don’t necessarily feel “strong” or experienced in? 

It might be time to stretch it out again, take a risk. 

There is freedom waiting for you, 
on the breezes of the sky, 
and you ask, 
“What if I fall?” 
Oh but my darling, 
what if you fly?

-Erin Hanson, Poet