You got your packing list. You studied it in detail, or maybe you skimmed it. Or maybe you didn’t check your email at all and you have no idea what you’re supposed to bring. Whichever way, you’re wondering what is actually important to take on your missions trip. Please, get your packing list out if you have one! This list has mainly hot climates and rural areas in mind, but they apply for other outreaches as well. So, here are five things to pack—that I discovered to be essential—on mission trips across the world.


1. Wet Wipes

These damp little pieces of paper aren’t just for diaper bags—they are a miracle waiting to happen if you let them. After a dusty day of ministry, when a bucket shower is just a bit too much effort, whipping these out is what we like to call a “portable shower”. They’re also great for messy meals when hand sanitiser isn’t going to cut it. Then, when toilet paper isn’t accessible (or maybe just isn’t going to cut it)… well let’s just say wet wipes are just as effective, if not more. If you’re grossed out now, don’t worry—you’ll thank me later…..

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