I was twenty-one when I graduated from university. I had a great job opportunity at a dream spot. Not to mention, I needed to start paying back my student loan, too. Inconveniently, God started reminding me of another dream, the plan I’d dismissed somewhere in the middle of my teaching degree. I wanted to do a Discipleship Training School.

But wasn’t DTS for fresh high school graduates or students doing a gap year?

When I finally took the leap, I discovered five reasons why doing DTS was just what I needed as a college graduate—and what I wanted, too.

1. There really are people your age.

Before I arrived to my DTS, I pictured the puppy-dog eyes of teenagers leaving home for the first time. Was I really going to spend the next six months with people just learning to adult? Suddenly I bumped into all the college graduates. We all had no idea how to pay off our student loan and we knew how to live in dorms. I can’t promise it will be the same on yours, but if not, there’s usually someone around campus went through the same thing—it really is normal to join YWAM after college…

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