This morning I was sitting at the breakfast table and my dad asked curiously, “So how do you keep going nannying day after day?” 

Between mouthfuls of frosted mini-wheats, I answered the obvious, “Jesus”– it’s my relationship with God that gives me the energy to pour out. But then I also said “Keiki Corner”- relationship with moms and another nanny and the kids in general keeps it entertaining. And when it’s just me and the little girl I look after? I’m naturally an introvert, and one-on-one gives me so much more peace than large crowds. So basically, I’m filled with thankfulness daily because my heavenly Daddy provided such a good job.

And I realized, this job is not in any way the “day-after-day” type job. It doesn’t stretch blandly on. Before it started, that was my greatest fear. Yet all that fear disappeared after the second day. How can taking care of kids ever be boring?! It’s crazy! And in that, amazing. It’s up and down, forward and backward, diagonal and sideways. You are skipping, walking, jumping, crawling then resting peacefully. All in the matter of one day. Sometimes, even in the matter of one hour! 

Nannying, oh it’s a daily adventure. 
So surprisingly, when Monday comes around, I’m completely happy.