[I painted this last night as part of my portfolio entry- we were allowed to creatively present our entries in any way we liked. This is part of my meta-reflection of what I have in my kete (basket/bag) as well as what I’ve learned and gained this year. I have certainly gained more confidence in drawing people! 🙂 Thank you Lord!]

Hello, everyone. Well, not everyone. You, a unique person reading this right now. Hello to YOU. I am currently on the cusp of finishing my last assignments and will be done as of tomorrow with all of them.

I could finish them tonight. 

But I’m learning how to make the wise choice… and go to sleep now… so I can be awake tomorrow to love God and love others. It is due tomorrow, and technically I should have been done hours, if not days ago. Officially my Personal Inquiry and Professional Integration portfolio is due at 4:30pm tomorrow afternoon. Then the final thing I am going to turn in is my English Journal Entry #11. I have yet to find what I will write about, but God always seems to bring incredible revelations through those reflections, so I’m not rushing it. Not rushing it.

Why? Well procrastination would have been the culprit, but the deeper reason lies in that metaphor of the blood-pumping organ that holds my emotions. The heart. The aspect of my character that I did not realize was such important gift to wield. God, why did you make me so emotionally sensitive and empathetic? Because He wants to bless others. Like me and Johannah this afternoon. Oh, He loves us all so much. The main thing that I have learned this year? That God knows me uniquely and specifically and wants to use those details to impact others. Case and point, writing a blog post for you. Though we all know we thrive when we are doing what we are passionate about, too. However, when Jesus is glorified and people are blessed? Something in me shouts YES!! and makes me so grateful to my school, Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, for what they have collectively given me. Thank you.

How do I keep going with this lump in the back of my throat? I’m leaning on my squishy bed, slouched against my crimson wall, probably in one of the most awkward postitions to type on a laptop. I’m physically tired, too. My eyes are tiredly drooping. Maybe it’s because I woke up an hour early from over-excitement for the coming days. Maybe it’s because today I innocently stared up at the magnified sun during a forgotten partial eclipse while wondering why on earth?! everything looked so odd and dimmer! Haha. (I was so pleased with myself when I got to class and was told THAT’S what was odd). Also, maybe it’s because we had our indoor soccer final for 5th place in our division and WE WON WOOHOO!! But more importantly I prayed for the TECT Arena and the other team and our own and I feel incredibly blessed. Thank you Lord. 

So I’m here, in front of my computer screen, leaning on my own shoulder against the wall. However, I’m not alone. Writing has calmed my emotions down a bit… but the knowledge that I am just a few days shy of the completion of Year One out of Three? God. HOW DO YOU LOVE ME SO MUCH?!! Oh, shush, Kayla. I do know. I see how He does it every day. I’m so in love with Him. Despite final assignments and tired eyes, oh I want to love Him more. Because He does that for me forever. I love that. Amen.