Hello everyone!

In honor of 2013 and all the “3”s that will be taking place, here were the top three viewed posts in 2012. 

The first is painting in a paperless generation… my adventures in schoolwork… the next, Blessed are the Poor in Spirit… my emotional outburst after a month of being in my new home of Bethlehem…. and then, my darling A Friend like Cori… what I wrote for one of my best friends’ birthday…. which reminds me of the power of encouragement as well as how incredibly blessed I am with the friends I have. 

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The author’s most memorable…

Of course, the “most viewed” is a separate category from some of the posts that were “most memorable for me to write”. Those ones above certainly were memorable!!! But the next three were pretty momentous for me. There’s often three kinds of blog-writing for me– 1) getting something down, 2) writing something that’s been on my mind for awhile, then the final… 3) those moments when I sit down to the computer completely overwhelmed and through writing the blog post, God dumps a bucket load of love and revelation into my heart. 
Here are three of that kind from this year:


Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Seeing all three together, there’s a theme of HOPE in my darkest times– despair, exhaustion, and loneliness. Those weren’t my most enjoyable posts to write. Far from it. My enjoyable ones were the posts about story-books,adventure and romance… but these? Oh, these three were the story of me. I can write about how other people’s stories relate to me… but until I tell my own stories, I haven’t been vulnerable enough to love.
So, all this to say, I hope you have enjoyed this year and my journey in There’s Beauty in the Vulnerability. I have certainly learned a lot through writing, and God has shown me the power of His emotions on a page. Thank you listening, thank you thank you. The stray comments online and quick encouragements in person are treasured up for me. (And hopefully given back to the Lord, too!! Ahh!! Oh, humility is so good). So thank you Lord for giving me a gift. May I learn to share it for you.

a fond farewell…

There’s less than half an hour left in 2012, so I suppose I better get this announcement over with. This blog is drawing to a close. Blogger has hosted me well and these past three years have been incredible. But it’s time for something new, something fresh, and a new volume of my story to find its place on the internet. Thank for listening, reading, crying, laughing, clicking, commenting, skimming, bookmarking, reposting, and more importantly– just being apart of my life and praying (even if it was just for one post). Relationship with Jesus and others is what I hoped to show. Mahalos.
YET OF COURSE… this is a transition to another blog! It is in its conceptual stage right now…
but I can give you a hint to its theme…


Aloha nui loa.
God is good.