I have these moments where I finish off watching a TV show and I think how it could potentially be worthless and nothing truly matters and how it is all staged and then think of my life and how very different it is.

What am I even trying to say? Glory be to God, how you have saved me. He gives me grace and grace abundant even in those times of feeling so not spiritual or connected and so silly and not open to Him. Why do I keep watching?

What I’ve found that the people I’m with are more important than what I’m watching. However sucked in I get to a movie or show, the thing that is valuable is peeling my emotions back from the screen and remembering those I’m with. In real life. My life. The one that is not staged by humans but instead, incredibly scripted by the God of my heart. What a beautiful writer. 

Open up your eyes to those around you. 
There you will find Him, too.