She is sleeping in the crib in the opposite room. I am at the kitchen table. Some peaceful music plays in my ears. There’s only one more day like this.

It’s hard to comprehend I’ve had ten weeks like this. 
I woke up this morning rather excited for the day… knowing it was one of my last two with my little girl I nanny… so I could give it all I have. My college friends are coming home this week and Christmas festivities are in the air. But darling, oh darling, she will be gone soon across the ocean on outreach. I’ve had my moments of mourning and today, relief… but now it’s just a general mixture of the two. 
It will be fun to be free, but I will miss all the smiles and walking around campus pushing her in the stroller and eating rice in the chair next to hers. The kisses on the cheek, the embraces, the all-around joy… yes she has taught me to be happy.
And God has been with me through it all. I’ve learned how to daily give… oh how He has taught me… yes He has taught me to love and to care and He continually gave me grace. We had fun and hilarious moments (I’ll spare the diaper stories), we’ve had exhausted and sickly moments, we’ve had tearful moments then lovely moments (filled with snuggles), we’ve had frustrated moments (sure have), and all together we have had victorious moments. Thanks be to Jesus, the enabler and strength-giver of all nannies worldwide.
He has been with me every moment. 
For that, I am thankful.