12 photographs that give you a snapshot of my life in 2011…

January: I was privileged to start off the year in my senior soccer season… yep that’s me on the end in the blue. Amazing memories with amazing people from my school.
My brother took pretty photos of me because I was a senior…. and I finished up my last year at Makua Lani Christian School. I wrote a 25-page paper on Third Culture Kids which was kind of crazy, but fulfilling to the max.
April: …and I got more pretty photos with beautiful people at my last Prom.  (and Jesus gave me my lovely dress!)
May: My remarkable brother got married to a remarkable lady who I now proudly call sister. I also got to stand up there at the altar with them and hold some pretty flowers and smile a lot.


And a day later, I graduated from high school, cap and gown, though Hawaiian style is everyone gives you leis at the end. Also, because of the wedding, my whole family was able to be there! Precious gift.
I got to go on adventures with good friends and see the amazing island God has given me to live on.
July: I got to see dreams fulfilled… going to Cambodia for a second time… bringing a Polaroid camera to give children a picture of God’s value for them… I also got to ride elephants and pet tigers in Thailand, and visit South Korea for a day. All in a missionary’s summer. God is good.


September: I was incredibly blessed with a 2-week trip to Kansas City, Missouri to stay with my wonderful friend, Cori (middle), and even got to see the amazing Savannah (right). We went on a fun adventure which consisted of bookstores, bubble tea, and forests. Then I got to spend lots of hours with Jesus in the International House of Prayer.


I was honored to look after this amazing girl named Amy as a full-time job from October-December, to earn money for university. Jesus taught me so much about love and joy through her. I miss her a lot. 


Amy and I got to hang out with this awesome bunch of kids, and I am now known to them as “The Hungry Lion”. Good times in the Ark Park. I also got to hang out with the Elevate School of Worship students a lot. They are legit.


In October officially became an “adult”… now eighteen… and was super blessed by my family with a dinner on the beach and then a lovely party with my friends focusing on the sweetness of God!


December: Overwhelmingly blessed by the presence of friends and presents, on Christmas Day I enjoyed the beach and the beauty I’ve been given. We also went camping at Volcanoes National Park… always a highlight.


All in all, an incredible year filled with God’s faithfulness. I started this blog and didn’t know where I’d end up… but here I am at the beginning of 2012 knowing that Jesus wants to teach me about vulnerability afresh. He’s so good. Here’s to the new year!!!