I’m starting to see… that no exotic or adventurous location can substitute for family… for being with people who love me and who have done every day life with me… and how being with them is worth more than any cool place in the world. 

Take it from a TCK, it doesn’t matter what country you’re in, what matters is who is with you when you’re there. Whether that means your blood family, or ones that have adopted you in that place (and God always provides someone amazing to look after you, you just gotta look up), you need to know that they are your constant amidst this chaotic globe.

I may not have known it for a very long time, but my heritage has made up so much of who I am. For that I am thankful… to my parents… to my brothers… and to my new sisters… and to my adoptive families here and now. Thank you, everyone. It means a lot. And the most heartfelt thank you… to the best Father in the world.