An excerpt from a story I wrote a year ago. It needs a lot of work. But the allegory is God-given.

The Waiter pulled out a big, comfortable chair for her in the first few seats at the table. On one side of her a grown man was gulping down what looked like mushy baby food. On her other side there was a mother spoon-feeding a teenager on her lap mashed potatoes. Hope was so hungry, anything looked good, and she noticed a bowl full of noodle soup was in front of her. She grabbed a spoon and slurped it all up, and it actually satisfied! She laughed aloud with contentment. Yet right then she noticed a girl that was further down the table who was devouring a plate of some sort of curry stir-fry, and then a boy across from that was chomping down on an over-stuffed burrito. Why was she stuck over here just eating soup? Even though it was amazing, she found that seeing the better food was making her hungrier.

The Waiter touched her shoulder. “Do you need anything?” His face was so caring that she dared not demand anything better.

“Can I have some more?” she asked timidly.

“I was hoping you’d say that! Come on down the line, here’s a space for you.”