FAREWELL: Saying goodbye to Kona, Hawaii– my home of 18 years, commissioned by friends and family
KIA ORA: Welcome to my new homeland of New Zealand… God was so faithful to bring me here.
FAMILY: Connecting with my cuzzies, aunties, and uncles!  I loved it.
UNIVERSITY: Year One (out of 3) Primary Education degree at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute! I would post photos of me teaching the children… but due to privacy I will not be sharing their adorable faces on Blogger.
NEW HOME: My boarding-house parents, Bruce and Bev who take care of me in Bethlehem!
SEASONS: Autumn, Winter, and Spring!!!
RELATIONSHIPS: at the very heart of BTI… and now me and Michaela and Class of 2015!


THOP/YWAM: I often hung out with the Tauranga House of Prayer and YWAM staff/students!


NEW FRIENDS: Jess is one-in-a-million. Wait, maybe 7 billion.


SOCCER: Every Wednesday night 5v5 indoor party!


SURPRISE: My amazing friends at BTI threw me a beautiful surprise birthday party at McClaren Falls Park
BACK HOME: Incredible adventures back in Hawaii with high school classmates and fellow YWAM kids … Christmas with my parents and learning that I now have two homes. I am now blessed beyond comparison.

So. There’s 2012. There are so many chapters in between these 12 short images, but surely you can see a handful of the blessings that God has bestowed on me this year. 

I am amazed. 

Thank you Lord, for teaching me how to be a teacher, but more importantly, a learner– for showing me how to be dependent on you when all else that was familiar had faded, for loving on me, being my Constant through your hard and valuable lessons of life. You are good. And I know that now even more.

Here comes 2013.

And He will bring joy unspeakable.

Thank you readers, for reading, and being so supportive and encouraging and lovely. You are blessed, too. 

So think back, and remember the “good ole times”– but remember that there are even more better ones ahead. Because God is able to do far more abundantly than we could ever ask for or think.