The whole city is cloaked in fog, seagulls circling the canals, confused as to where to go. The street lights just flicked off… and the world wonders, “What are you doing? We still need you.”


-Journal in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2 November, 2015)


I still wonder

Why the street lights turn off
when the fog is so thick
Why someone can’t simply flick them back on
at least as long as the gloom lasts
And why there aren’t clearer lamps
guiding my way to
what’s next.

I still wonder

If self-timers are ever sensitive
to morning mist
If street-officials have a master switch
to let the light stay on longer
And if I can simply be told
what’s next.

I still wonder

How drivers know when
to turn their headlights on
How cars have beams that penetrate
a cloak of fog
And how God
can place a light inside of me
to show me
what’s next.

In reply to my wonderings

A question burns bright,
through the fog:

What if this is about 
your heart?

I still ponder

How the whole city
is cloaked in fog–

Yet my heart is still blazing,

Photo: On the ferry in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; 2 November 2015.