Where to begin?

My day got off to a rocky start when I woke up and realized I had set the minute on my alarm one off… 6:59 as opposed to 6:00. Note to self: don’t set your alarm when you are half asleep.

Quick morning devotion. Shovel down some cereal. Last minute prep. Print out various papers. Arrive late. Hallelujah, family worship time.

Two kids didn’t show up so we had eleven all together. I would say the biggest difficulty was the age differences. Three to seven. I won’t go into everything. Those first few hours are a bit blurry, haha. Transition. But thankfully the kids molded together brilliantly and are so sweet. We ended up splitting the seven-year-olds for an activity and it worked out. (Let me just add that my assistant teachers are amazing)

Today was all about getting to know the kids and how our schedule would work with them (so we barely kept to time today). It was crazy, fun, slightly disorganized… but hey, isn’t that life?


Kids LOVE geckoes.

Kids are fascinated by locked treasure chests.

Three-year-olds are wonderful imitators of seven-year-olds.

Compasses are awesome teaching tools. Even if the kids don’t know how they work (and if the compasses don’t work properly either).

Quotes of the day:

“LOOK THERE EVERYONE!” (a silent 3-year-old found his voice in the group when he spotted a gecko)

“You wanna hear a joke? Well it’s not really a joke but it’s kinda funny. If you had to die and the power was out would you rather fall off a cliff or be zapped on an electric chair? …… An electric chair! The power is out!”

[playing with the doll house]
Doll 1: So now we’re going to go on a vacation… to Idaho!
Me as Doll 2: Idaho? What’s there?
Doll 1: I dunno. It’s Idaho! Come on let’s go on the airplane now!

On an ending note before the weekend,
All my past teachers are my heroes.