I’m quite overwhelmingly happy.

I give credit to Jesus, the fact that we are one day away from the weekend, it was a half day, the kids understand the schedule better, we know them better, there was pizza and soda for lunch, it’s raining, Thursday Night Meeting tonight, and treasure hunt tomorrow. YES!

I enjoy complementing parents.

So apparently “who can make their page the most colorful?” is quite the competition. With a beautiful effect. But my coloring page was just “normal”. I like it anyways, mainly because of the verse.

I am learning how to make up games, and then when they are too complicated for the age group (we had chaos for about five minutes) there’s always a simple solution. “Everyone sit in a circle and give me the socks!!!” We had the kids partner up and gave them a blind fold (soccer sock) and it was pretty crazy. Solution, rally them together again and do a demonstration. And instead of trying to do the obstacle course all at once, everyone took turns.

So Angel blind-folded me and led me by the hand through a course of cones and chairs (“mountains and forests”) to the treasure box. We explained how we have to rely on a map to get us to through dangerous places, and God guides us through places even when we can’t see anything. And the treasure is at the end! I loved teaching that today, because it’s exactly what God has been showing me in Explorers.

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:6