This morning I felt a loss at to what to do, so I just walked down to the classroom about ten minutes early. Did anything amazing happen? Oh whoops, nothing, why am I saying this? Well, I suppose I remembered as I walked down that there was going to be Monday Morning Worship.

Let’s just say that was amazing. Nah, God’s amazing. I like his Spirit, too. The only thing that truly prepares me for a day is just getting doused with him. Refreshing.

Today had some long strings of free time for the kids. Yay for the playground. Well, we did make paper heart collages and played a group game and had circle times and story times. But other than that, we didn’t have much planned. Some days just work that way.

Three more days left. I need to do some proper planning.

I just I feel a compilation of weariness and relief. Yet also sadness… the kids I’ve met are flying back to their various parts of the country. I’ll miss them. Will I ever see them again? YWAM, I just might. But with them also goes my constant responsibility, and for that I’m quite grateful.