I should not doubt.

In the rush of getting out the door in the morning, I realized I didn’t have my watch on. I played soccer yesterday and forgot where I put it.

Because I was supposed to be out the door, I asked Jesus where it was.
I wasn’t really expecting an answer because it was my fault for being late.
And he answered in the clearest phrase imaginable: IT’S IN THE KITCHEN.

Yes, maybe, but I’m just going to check in the bathroom and my room first then look in the kitchen.

It wasn’t in the bathroom or my room. I go to the kitchen. I dig around the plate of keys and miscellaneous objects. . . there it is.

My heart sinks, because I know I doubted. I doubted my ability to hear God’s voice but mainly just didn’t believe he could speak so clearly. What was I thinking? He’s my friend, of course he would want to tell me where my watch was, regardless of me being late or not.

It was a testimony of faithfulness of God but I had to repent for that unbelief. You could say this is such a small and pointless situation, it’s just my watch. . . but how you deal with the small situations will effect you and help you tackle the greater ones. In the future you will have a crucial time where you cannot afford to question God. You will just have to obey. And that’s the gloriousness of this relationship. It’s starts in the little things.