As I made my last walk from my nanny job to my house, I conversed with God. I had teared up a little, because of the goodbye- her family leaves for outreach to Japan, and I will be in New Zealand when they get back. So if anything, we won’t meet again at least for another year. With kids, that’s a long time.

I asked God if I had everything (sometimes I forget my water bottle, etc, and I didn’t want to go back for another round of goodbyes). He said yes. 

Then he asked me a question.
“Do you have your heart?”

And I replied simply,
“No. I left that behind.”

At the beginning of this all, God challenged me to serve out of love, and not just duty. I realized giving my heart would be hard, especially when I got to this day of separation. But God showed me how there is truly beauty in the vulnerability. Because with His daily, vulnerable love working through me, I have been given great joy. Immense joy. Indescribable happiness.

And though I leave my heart behind in a little girl far away… He, my Love, is right here. I close this book, and open the next volume of my life. He is with me. There’s no fear as I jump into the new season. That’s because there is no fear in love. 

P.S. Depth aside, I am super duper excited to see all my friends back from college and to have Christmas break! Have a lovely day.