“The sun is broken!”

That is what a three-year-old girl informed me after pointing at the sunset this evening. The red sun was caught behind two clouds, and it produced an abnormal shape that caused much concern on my little friend’s face.

I had to explain to her that it wasn’t broken.

I showed her how my hand covered my face. If I spread out my fingers you could see a tiny piece of my eye. My eye wasn’t broken, was it? Surprisingly she understood this logic.

“The sun is still there, it’s just covered.”

It made me think about the times children are legitimately concerned about things, and we don’t have the time to listen and explain. It’s amazing how many answers we have in our heads. Stoop down for a second, at least. It’s also amazing how, when I work with children, I get so many more revelations about the Father’s heart.

We ARE children of God. We tell God silly things like, “the sun is broken” and he calmly explains the real situation to us. Sometimes we are stubborn and don’t remember that he knows a lot more about the sun than we do. Or we can accept his wisdom and feel so much better. Let’s remember we are mere children in every situation, and there’s One who understands it all. I want to get my advice from him.