Maybe Blogspot is becoming outdated.
But I still enjoy it.

And I have wanted to start a blog for ages. There’s been hesitations for reasons of school and of soccer. And just general hesitation of it just being so open .

But, I am a writer, and without baring my heart on paper I can never fully express myself. For those who know me, I’m fine at public speaking and many would say I’m great at it. Yet I will never be able to say what I can say through written words. There’s so hidden voice that God has given me that only sings through this medium.

To add to it, I am a prolific writer. So if you do not like reading I will give warning now.
What gives me my ability and inspiration is a love so strong. . . that everything is worthless without the One I love.
So if you do not like Jesus, I want to pique your curiosity and challenge you to think about your life. At least for a minute.

But most of you love God, and love me, and I love you all, even the ones I’ve met once, or none.

My Facebook Notes are usually more refined for a specific audience. This will be raw. This will be me.
Hahaha with all my joy and craziness and love and quirks and stupidity. YAY.

I love you all and want to get to know you. The end.