I knew it all.

I grew up in the church, I knew how to pray, I knew how to read my Bible. Not only that, I knew ways to teach it. I’d learned enough tips and tricks to fill small groups for a lifetime. Did I use those tips and tricks? No, not at all. Not until that Tuesday morning.

Winter sun streamed through the window of our DTS (Discipleship Training School) classroom and soaked the desk in front of me. I caught a yawn as I glanced up at our teacher writing on the whiteboard.

“Prayer isn’t just asking for things,” Nicola announced in her New Zealand accent.

“Prayer is a conversation with God through His Word.”

It was our half-hour Prayer Coaching slot. We were learning principles of prayer and creative ways to read the Bible. Since at least six hours of our week were spent in the Prayer Room, I assumed we needed these classes so we didn’t get bored…

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