It was my birthday, a year ago. My family had set up a surprise dinner at this secret spot on our Hawaiian shore. Kendra made beautiful chocolate cupcakes and Jordan snagged this shot.

I was cracking up, only in the way that being with my siblings can complete.

Why? I’m not sure who particularly started it. Simply, the icing on our cupcakes looked like little lavender-coloured poops. No, this was not inherently rude, because the cook agreed. Therefore we laughed, hard. 

Jokes can be incredibly stupid, or straightforward, or also really complex. Humour comes in so many different shapes and sizes, according to age…culture… occupation… family… and so on. Inside jokes, in particular, are often prevalent in sibling and parent relationships. You just happen to know a lot of funny situations together! And when you really know a person, you certainly can make them laugh.

Do we treat God like that, however? I have a tendency to get incredibly caught up in the gravity of situations. Oh, life is a serious business indeed. God is a serious man. Don’t crack a smile when you pray, right? If you hear God say something funny, it’s “just you”, right? No way José! No way.

I am coming more and more into the conclusion that He is so funny. Of course, when you are first getting to know someone, things aren’t always that hilarious. However, when you’ve hung out for a bit… and talked lots… got to know someone, you’re able to catch their sense of humour. Sometimes I take too many things said at direct face value (and don’t mistake me, I feel like we need to mean our words a lot more than we do). However, God knows me. And I am getting to know Him. We talk. And I’ve discovered this. He plays around. He jokes. He says funny things. And I feel silly saying that because if I recalled the things the Holy Spirit says in those opportune moments, you wouldn’t think them that funny. I probably wouldn’t either! 

But… He loves us. Therefore He likes to see us laugh. And if we’re so stuck in a rut of grave self-analysation, and don’t listen to Him make a joke… we’re missing out. We are. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t the jokes that point out evil or glorify sin or anything. It’s just the simple things… He knows me and I know Him… we play games… oh, reader. Ask God for an inside joke. Even if it’s just asking Him to do something funny for you. Who knew humour could be so faith-building. Those moments where nothing seems to be working and your about to pull out your hair and then you take a step back… and surprisingly see God’s DELIGHT over you. “I know you, dear one, and I am orchestrating so much behind the scenes that you don’t see!” All because He loves me. 

To end, this is what C.S. Lewis said on the subject of love and humor (The Four Loves), 

“It is a bad thing not to be able to take a joke. Worse, not to take a divine joke; made, I grant you, at our expense, but also (who doubts it?) for our endless benefit.” 

He makes a lot of jokes. 

I think the trick is to just start listening out for them. 
Even if it means recognizing that your cupcake looks like poop. 
Just enjoy it for a moment, okay?

Over and out. 

Photo credit: Jordan Norris