What do you want to do with your life?

I’ve been known to pull that out in dinner conversations before. It’s not that I’m trying to intimidate teenagers… it’s okay when you don’t know… but my reason is that we would think about it. Rather than consumed with who-is-texting-who and the snack table.

I have known what I want to do with my life for awhile. (Well, teaching was the absolute last thing I wanted as a career in fifth grade. It ran in the family and I did not want to carry it on. It was then I was prayed over and told I could possibly be a teacher one day…) 

By 8th grade, teaching was in the plans. There was no big “a-hah” moment. But maybe every falling into place. I was helping out in a first grade class, and my teacher told me that I had to be a teacher. When I started telling people I wanted to be a teacher, there was usually a simple “Of course, Kayla”. Everyone had seemed to know it except me. 

So oddly enough, I entered high school with a direct purpose, knowing I wanted to be a teacher and that was that. I did various things like help out at children’s camps and teach Sunday School. Good practice. But the problem with high school is… no one likes teachers. I mean,