I thought I would share with you a bit of my school work. No, this is will not be an absolute drag! You can personally comment-slap me if you are a bit bored. It’ll help me get better at writing. Anyway, this day deserves commendation for it is the first of Term 4. It’s the home straight, everybody! Yet God has so much for these six weeks. Side note, it’s spring in the Southern Hemisphere and I am getting more freckles on my face again! Yay!)

In honor of this term, I want to commend the last one, Term 3. Oh, the craziness. (Hence me writing The Crazy Occupation of Teaching a few months ago). My ‘prac partner’ and I were placed in a Year 2 (6-7 year olds) for four weeks straight, under our associate teacher. We thought we could at least survive the classroom, because we only were there one day a week before that. Turns out God has a sense of humour. We learned a lot! And drew pretty pictures in class, and more importantly got to know beautiful children- who cannot be pictured here for reason of privacy. Just imagine what cuteness  looks like personified then add a good dose of cheekiness. There ya have our 25 Year 2s.

When we came back to campus (not far away, because we were at the school connected with my university) for the last week of Term 3 can I say culture shock! Emotionally, I felt like a big rusty yellow bulldozer had just run over me… and I was only just able to realize it. Breathe. Have the space to write. Reflect on what has just happened. And my lecturers know just what to do…

DEBRIEF TIME. Me, sitting in our own classroom, student once more. I feel so funny. Having fun. A little stressed about my prac folder needing to be turned in by 4:30pm and now was just told of our shared lunch so looks like I’ll be missing some of my afternoon class. Eyes drooping. But well aware that I need to process all I can. Cathryn hands me our paper with the heading,

Practicum One Debrief
“My prac was like a liquorice allsort because…”
THE POWER OF METAPHORS!! And hands on materials. And then preferably hands-on material that you can eat. Back to the story. She passed around a blue ceramic bowl of this New-Zealand-found candy and we had to choose one.
I just picked a square. Orange… sandwiching two wiggly black pieces (similar to the white one pictured). And this is what I wrote. 
My practicum was like a licorice all-sort because…
It was bright, simple, yet wiggly and tiring.
It was straightforward, sweet, encouraging.
I learned how to be straight with commands
while not compromising my peaceful personality.
I still have far to go! 
-> There is more, just like in the packet you want more
It was amazing.
Grew so much. 
The two black pieces are me and my prac partner… 
me and Michaela… and we are sandwiched in by the love of God:
the trinity:
Father on top- showing the outside dependency
Holy Spirit in the middle, showing how He was on the in-between, always
Jesus on bottom- the foundation and cornerstone
God showed himself so worth of it all-
able to satisfy my deepest desires-
like someone to be with me
at all times
to belong to!
Thank you Lord. 

He is so good, and on that note, I must go and start the reading we were given for self-study this morning. Hah. And just picked up the paper and seeing what the topic is now: “A Reflective Teacher”… oh, Jesus. That’s what you said to do now!!! Blogging… oh readers you are so witness to this progression… God is always a step ahead of us as well as being with us. Woah. Thank you Lord. Well, after this reflection, I am going to go see how I can do it better. And God’s getting me on commitment, so, ANNOUNCEMENT I WILL BE WRITING EVERYDAY OF THIS TERM NOW. Woah. Okay. Yes Lord. 

Photo credit: licorice