The sun had already set past the Kaimais and there was that faded orange of dusk flanking the skies. I was in the backseat of the car, quiet for a moment as we cruised down the motorways of Tauranga. It was after a delightful evening where my boarding family had taken me out for Mexican food– mmm SO good!!– They are amazing, too :). I finally had a space to think, “Wow, I’m going to miss this.”

Oh, how I will miss my family here and simply hanging out laundry in the garage and walking over to BTI with the blue sky overhead and greenery behind, then snuggling in “my” green lazy-boy chair watching TV with Bev, chatting about life lessons, and how I would sit in my secluded gable window seat after a beautiful or rough day… and Jesus would just speak to me there.

And that’s what keeps me strong and steadfast, through the present storm. 

Jesus will be with me wherever I go. Though it is my last night in Bethlehem, Tauranga and I drive up to Auckland tomorrow… and on a plane to Honolulu on Sunday then a hotel for a night then Kona in the morning on that wonderful day… oh how I can picture it… He is constant. With me wherever I go. 

And what did He say, on the Air New Zealand plane, a few hours shy of landing in Aotearoa? I scribbled it on the back of my e-ticket print-out in low light, all those months ago… 

“You are mine. There will be hardships ahead, but there will also be joy.”

I replied, “Like an adventure?”
Yes, just like an adventure.”
“Oh, I don’t know if I am ready for this,” I falteringly wrote. 

He answered with such tender love in His voice, Whenever are we ever ready for these types of transitions? Rememeber you will still be transitioning in these weeks. Do not get discouraged, do not lose heart. I love you. I will uphold you.”

And I will leave His words at that. 

photo: Bethlehem sunrise from my window seat ooxx