“So let my life be the proof,
The proof of Your love
Let my love look like You and what You’re made of
How You lived, how You died
Love is sacrifice
So let my life be the proof,
The proof of Your love”
I used to be so afraid of talking to strangers. 
God has changed all that. 
I’m still a natural introvert that processes situations internally.

But love is a sacrifice.
And if a bus trip is spent talking to someone else
instead of me
instead of listening to music
languishing in my pain of being between worlds…
oh the commandment was to love.

Love helps me, too.

The Spirit speaks… and oh I thought I just had to look constantly for all these opportunities to talk talk talk and not listen to Jesus and instead ACCOMPLISH and DO. However… I have been realizing how He never meant me to do, but He wants me to be. His. Belonging to Him. Relationship with Him. From there comes any form of impact and HE is the one that orchestrates bus conversations for me. And He knows what I need at every moment. If it means space to love… chill… talk… listen… be quiet… wait… go. He knows. And He plops on my seat someone who wants to know Him even more. That doesn’t often happen. After much deliberation, you are more than enough, God. You are more than enough. 

And He likes us. 

Wow. That’s a thought worth holding on to for a moment. Or more specifically, a lifetime. He’s worth it all. Go sit down for a moment away from your computer or iPod or phone. He will love on you. Oh He wants you! And if I write one more word without love for you, my reader, all this will be useless and meaningless. I don’t want to be spouting off poop in a shower of internet blogs just because I hide behind some eloquence. No more. Does that even make sense? Yes. 

He’s the proof of our love. 

Because without it, I’m nothing. Go away from the blog post and don’t worry, because you are not alone. We are all struggling those lessons of love and I am not perfect nor do I have it together. But I do know that we were not made for performance-based assessment. I know our education systems want that. I’m so sorry for your classrooms that have ever drilled that into you. Our value is not hinged on whether we make the grade or not! Nor is our identity is in whether we respond properly to that divine appointment on the bus ride, finish our homework, or do our DTS. 

Jesus Christ lived and died and ROSE AGAIN… brought life to our own. He brought life to the lowliest places in my life (those moments when I was so shy… that I would switch sides of the road to avoid talking to anyone) and will continue to do so, breaking off fear and passivity and any of our hindrances to our Lord. My King. My love. My identity and value is not that I would get it right. NO. Instead… it is that I am loved. Oh, don’t do. Beloved. There you will find rest.