Yesterday we had a playoff game in Hilo against Christian Liberty: our rival, for we are the same in size and beliefs.

The stakes were high. If we win, we go to State Championships in Honolulu (yes, airplane trip and all). Not only that, but go to the island semi-finals tomorrow.

We won.

It was a small field and we dominated most of the time but their keeper was pretty amazing and so the score was 2-0. I as a keeper “wasn’t really needed”, as the newspaper put it. This was true. But I did pray up a storm with all that spare time. For some reason I just felt to proclaim the Holy Spirit over CLA, renewal and revival and God would meet with the students in tangible ways. I don’t know if I will ever hear of the fruit of those prayers, but I tried to be faithful with the time given on field. YES THERE WILL BE REVIVAL.

So we won. . . on the field that holds vague memories of bitter defeat. I’m a senior, my last year of high school soccer will finish with a trip with a group of girls I love oh-so-dearly. STATES.

Yes, the only reason we’re going is to proclaim His glory to a bigger audience. Let’s do it.