“Yes, I shed many silent tears as I pulled away from Makua Lani as a student for the last time. 

With Cori at my side and Grace driving, I watched my school fade away as we drove down the mountain, winding through the forest road and through town back home. 
Cori said don’t be sad.
I replied that it was healthy.
I needed closure.
I have loved much therefore I will ache much. 
But I am wildly excited to be done with my research paper. It has been a delightful adventure.
As with this journey at Makua Lani.
And though it’s painful to leave. . . 
I find comfort in the fact that You will never leave me and we will always be together.
That’s what gets me through.
So though it cannot say enough, thank you.”
-May 2011

Congratulations to Cori and Grace and all my friends who are graduating high school today. I love you! The adventure has only just begun. 🙂