Tonight Loren Cunningham mentioned a parable to the this effect…

People kept telling Mr. Sun that there was indeed darkness in the world. But Mr. Sun couldn’t see any of it. The people sadly assured him, “Yes, yes… it’s there. In caves, in alleyways, and even the whole side of the world is dark when you’re not looking!” So Mr. Sun decided to check it out. He looked in caves, he searched alleyways, he even went to the other side of the world and still he could find no darkness.

I want to have that kind of optimism. I want to have Jesus’ light so instilled in my heart that wherever I go, it is impossible for me to see darkness. Where light goes, darkness must flee. Jesus shines through our love, through our positivity, and through our encouragement.

Do not be overwhelmed by the darkness. Light always wins. God wrote the laws of science for a reason, so we might understand that if we are true lights, we will never find darkness. No matter where you go, love should follow. So begin by imitating Jesus. We naturally become what we regularly admire.