You think I could find some cheap little plastic compasses in Walmart, or maybe even Ross? No, I’m left wandering around the aisles with tired eyes, carrying thirteen composition books in my limp arms. Apart from the lack of compasses, I did find three massive magnifying glasses and a butterfly net. Yep, we’re Explorers.

So I officially feel grown-up… not in the sense of wisdom, but in the sense of responsibilities. And it’s quite wonderful, because when you are given so many jobs at this age it is near impossible to do it without Jesus.

I need those around me to remind me that God truly needs to be the center. When I’m tired and stressed, I know God is there, but I often forget. It’s only from the overflow of his presence can I truly serve with love. So I have to be purposeful in setting apart times with him. No matter how busy you are, you always make time for your friends, right?

So let his Word be my direction.