I have built an identity
Not out of brick and stone,
But out of portable things:
Trying to take the sting
Out of my heart’s painful pile,
All the while still in denial.

Denial of the fact
That these portable things,
Though portable between my worlds,
Are not really my identity
Or even my entity. . .

So I don’t know why I try
To build an identity here,
I attempt to make my culture
The culture of me, adhere,
Adhere and connect to something,
Just something, of worth
Trying to hide the grief
With something as silly as mirth.

Oh, yes that grief is real
It’s something you were afraid to feel
Because you felt that it denied the good
You do need to be thankful, yes you should,
Your life is privileged and so great
And we all know the joys of this state.

But you must recognize
That somewhere you did agonize,
Somewhere you did cry,
Though the tears may not have shed,
Part of you did die,
When you had to
say good-bye.

And it happened so many times
Each departure, to your heart it was a crime,
A crime forgotten
Though still a crime committed
A crime that, if it could simply be admitted,
That crime would be forgiven.

Oh, it’s all part of our lengthy journey
And you really must find your attorney:
The one who can make all amends
And be constant to all ends,
The one who can pay for the crime
The price of a life in this time.

Who can be the one so faithful,
When all of us are so disdainful?
Who can be our constant friend,
When our identity seems to end?

I have a feeling you know him already
He is the one that has kept you steady
He is the one that paid that same price:

He had many homes,
Just like you,
And nowhere to lay his head,
Just like you,
But he has somewhere to belong,
Just like you
And this place is firm and strong.

So promise me,
My fellow global hearts,
That you will not forget
What I hope to impart:

That there is only one Constant
Amidst this chaotic globe,
And this life you are living,
You must not loathe.
You must recognize your hurt
And Love, you must here insert

For you know that Love
Is what brings us through
And this consistent love
Oh, so true,
Keeps you steady to the end
Which actually is just the beginning
The beginning of our eternal life
With our wonderful, indescribable Friend.