We all have to experience those peaceful moments.

The times for reflection. The occasions spent in thoughtful reverie.
Set apart from our normal lives in order to make sense of what normal means in the first place.

This weekend I slept in a tent in a forest and had the space to realize I am blessed beyond understanding. The past has been tumbling yet beautiful, the present is satisfying and beautiful, the future will be fascinating so beautiful.

Do these moments only happen to those who are in a hopeful in-between state? I am not in a dark painful season of my life. I am so happy. I mean, come on, my mom just walked into my room and remarked “pretty stunning sunset”. I’m going to go look. . . oh it sure was! The sky was glowing pink like the background of this blog. The sun? Only sparks of it were left, behind glowing clouds that flecked the edge of the horizon like sparkling pepper. (Yes, I actually cocked my head to one side while trying to figure out that description.)

But the sunset was not just something beautiful because it was my sunset. It was beautiful all the while. . . and someone just stopped to recognize it.

Where was I? Oh yes, I am not in a dark season of my life. I am about to jump joyfully into an exciting adventure as my own person, and the only reason I have such HOPE is that I know I’m not alone. God is with me, therefore everything is beautiful. Yet it does not come without a cost. I’ve been through those night seasons, where everything just seems like struggling pain though I try to ignore it. I had to surrender all I had to the one who could see. And he was with me. And now God is blessing me overabundantly for the small faithfulness I gave to him.

Do you understand that? He is not a God that he would lie.

The Lord is faithful to all his promises
and loving toward all he has made.

Psalm 145:13

That sweet tenderness towards you constantly reminds him of those beautiful promises he gave you. And when you are in the night seasons where you don’t know where to turn and you’re wondering if he’s just ignoring you or something tragic like that. . . you NEED to remember his peaceful tenderness. HIS LOVE FOR YOU. The glory of God in the beauty of his promise fulfilled. The glory of his love in the beauty of you being faithful. He is faithful.

So in these moments I remember his dreams for me and have the confidence in his character that OF COURSE he’s going to do what he says. And I love him. And I wish I had the courage to be able to speak of his kindness to anyone and anywhere. That means you, too. I do have the courage to write out my heart here. I want you to know about him. I want you to know that you are beautiful and worthy to be loved and respected despite how you may feel.

Because then? Then you can have these moments like me. Where you realize that God’s faithfulness is worth all you have. . . and you couldn’t be happier. It’s beautiful.