The whirlwind of life gets so exciting and I think of college and how I am going to be studying to be a teacher. Yes. Education. Academics. Spending my next few years writing essays, researching, and sitting in class. All the negatives seem to pop up. Life is so much fun without school. 

Then, quite softly, a moment will take me by surprise. Sitting next to a little girl, we were drawing together. Starting with a truck, then a road, then a princess carriage, then all sorts of birds. Our pages were covered. She would occasionally look up with eyes of sparkling admiration. She was so happy, so content. 

And so was I.

When you have been serving yourself for a season, as you do during holidays, you lose sight of the joy of serving others. Your calling seems like such hard work and you forget the fulfilling satisfaction of your passion. Indeed, teaching is hard work. But I won’t just be sitting in one classroom. I’ll be standing, jumping, dancing with little kids in many different classrooms. We’ll be putting our knowledge to practice right away. 

Do you know that burning feeling of satisfaction? Of being so happy because you are following your dreams? Of being so content because you are giving your talents away?

Life is only fun for a moment when you don’t have purpose. I will be a teacher. And with purpose, the hard work pales in comparison to the joy on a child’s face. It’s beautiful.