Announcement! So a few months ago I was totally blessed to be invited to write on this blog, called Renew the Kingdom.[Refresh, Rebuild, and Recognize the Kingdom]. Here’s a little bit about it from the blog:

This blog is a communal attempt to begin and continue a discussion that has echoed around the world for millennia.
Why are we here?
Who are we?
Who is God?
What does God control?
What is our purpose within Gods plan?
What is the kingdom of God/Heaven/Life?
And what does it mean to bring that kingdom to earth?….

I totally don’t have the answers to all these questions. But I’m just realizing that I need to learn how to seek out answers, as well as being willing to share the answers I do know. And here’s a bit from my first post, just released: 


I haven’t ever written about the kingdom before. Somehow the whole concept has eluded my musings as a writer in the past. I never stopped on a Bible verse and chewed on “the Kingdom of Heaven is like…” nor did I think I needed to. I’m starting to think I need to. I must. It’s an imperative. Because the concept of the Kingdom is so integral to everything I believe.
So, I come into this whole community of defining the Kingdom with little thought-experience. If we were all sent to write on primary education or living as a third culture kids or even Jane Austen movies, I feel like I’d be more qualified. the funny thing about this kingdom, from my knowledge, is that it’s not just the qualified ones that are a part. It’s everybody. Because each individual has a part to play in this incredible story in renewing the kingdom.
What is the kingdom?
Well, the bare word “kingdom” jolts me back to my childhood, where reading fairy tales and fantasy stories was a regular occurrence. A kingdom was in danger, someone was given a task to save it– there was always a king, one whom everyone loved, or an impostor who committed all sorts of evil. There was a handsome, courageous prince and a princess who was not only beautiful, but brave. He valiantly fights for her and for their kingdom. Oh, and the king? He was always kind and courageous and just and merciful, fighting for his people heroically. He loved…

Especial thanks to Jeremy Barry Randall, author at Don’t Eat Trash and visionary of Renew the Kingdom. Check it out. Thank you Jesus for your love!