I have often underestimated the power of simple encouragement. 

Because I didn’t know what it felt like.
To be broken.
And someone comes and says, “I understand.”
When someone lets you cry when you didn’t know you had tears.  
When another person writes you an incredible encouraging card.
And yet another writes you a letter with prophetic words.
When someone prays for you.
Those actions are incredible.
Those are the things that sustain you in your darkest hour.

I used to encourage people so nonchalantly. I just loved, I didn’t know how much that love meant to another person. I used to listen to my friends just out of overflow of God’s heart and my training. I didn’t understand how big a deal it is for someone who is going through a tough time. Readers, what is it like for a friend to recognize you are hurting and actually want to do something about it? What is it like?

It’s incredible. I only know this now because I’ve finally been on the receiving end. So often as a leader last year I subconsciously felt like I had to have it all together. Couldn’t mess up, couldn’t be in pain. That would show vulnerability, right? That’d expose my pride, right? Hah. It’s only in that vulnerability that you can have freedom. Freedom from shame and guilt and you fall into the arms of the Father.

I thank God for my incredible community at BTI. I thank God for his revelation. He is worth it all. I can rightly say so, even through all this pain. Therefore, please, if you as a reader learn anything from this… don’t forget the incredible power in something so simple. Encouragement, Holy Spirit in action. I know this because I received it. Oh, God receive your glory.