You get to that point in assignments when you have done all the preparation you can and then you just have to start writing. The blank page stares you down from behind the bright laptop screen, laughing as if you will never fill it. 

Just one moment. 

“Be strong and take heart,
all you hope in the LORD.” -Psalm 31:24

Take heart, dear ones. Through this night I will carry you through. I will not forget you nor will I slay you. I have not made you to do so. And in doing so, I have come to bring you hope. Not peace, because the work you give out will be full of turmoil. But no, hope. You will not disappoint.

Oh, Jesus. I get to those points where I all of a sudden see the finish line in sight… and pangs of nervous excitement surprise me. Where did that come from? When I see that it’s November already and there is 2 more weeks of assignments and lectures left? What?! I will be home in Hawaii for two months? What?! I look at my calendar and feel caught between this odd sensation of fast-forward mode and slow motion. Maybe I could account it for the lack of sleep. Maybe it’s because 2000 words in less than 24 hours isn’t good time management. Maybe… just maybe… we have those moments in life… when it is all finishing up… coming together… and we realize life is way better than we ever expected.

At least, it’s like that for me. If you open up I’m sure it is like that for you, too.

Come, Lord, Jesus, come. Oh you have. And I thank you. So much. This is what I can say about today. His strength was made perfect in my weakness. That’s it for now. I’m actually going to bed on time tonight. Love you all.