It’s so easy to despair when you are confronted with unanswered prayer. Ever spilled your guts out to God for another person? And nothing seems to have changed? A form of agony mixed with empathy overflows. What am I supposed to do now?

I start to get discouraged. But then I remember the only thing that a lover should do.. Hope in Him who I talk to. Not give up. Now, I’ve got the revelation that the only way anything will happen is if God does something. Not me. There’s no human possibility. And in that place of desperation, need, and perseverance– I will see the Holy Spirit move.

Oh, I’ve heard about this kind of prayer my whole life. Now, time to put it to practice

“Pick up your head,
I am your friend, 
I have seen you in the darkness
And all that you don’t understand
I will take and make into something beautiful”

-Andrea Marie, Something Beautiful