I watched a love story today that nearly melted my heart. Oh, I didn’t used to be like this. I was oh-so-wise not to be overwhelmed by something as trivial as romantic love. I was closed up as much as I could, not wanting to feel too deep for I was afraid I’d lose my focus on God. Hah. But one of my best friends changed all of that. She would rewind the last scenes of chick flicks and gush at the thought of our future husbands. She would make people laugh. But she would also make people think about their hearts. She would ask me questions. And she would be vulnerable with me

I’m only just beginning to understand. Love here on earth is not meant to be a distraction… it was designed to be a beautiful expression of God’s heart here, for us to see, feel, and experience. In that loving a man one day, I may able to see the greatest man, Jesus, so clearly. And in this movie, I saw Jesus in the way a gentleman came and ate with commoners. He came and sat at a dirty table and respected them, respected his workers more than just slaves or servants. He ate with them and called them friends. He also talked to the little boy. I liked that. 
Sure, I was overwhelmed by the story in the moment. But slowly I was able to see this manhood didn’t just come out of nowhere. It was inspired with something so simple as a woman’s belief in him. Her courage, her kindness, and her respect. Oh, that I could learn to give that unconditionally. Therefore, now, thinking upon romance is not always just a silly distraction. It’s reflecting on God’s love, here. How gracious He is! How steadfast and faithful! My parents get that, my married siblings get that, my friend got it. We need to share more love stories, I think. And yes, though my friend and I served as a healthy balance to each other’s teenage chatter… I’m forever grateful for the unfolding of my heart to love. Thank you, Cori.
So yes, tonight I rewinded that last part of the love story… and watched it again. I giggled and cried and smiled. And I think I finally got it. I’m nowhere near the end of my journey in seeing God’s love, but this I know, He’s got the pen of my story.