After ordering from our town’s most famous sushi place, I ran into a lovely young lady who reads this blog. We went to high school together and our paths may intersect in New Zealand soon. Yay Jesus! She complimented me on this and I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know how many people even read this! But I’m so glad for you all.

But I was able to be on the other side of bloggial encouragement yesterday when I stumbled across another friend’s Tumblr, a piece of beauty which happens to have a similar title to my own. Oh my! She, like I, was so happy that I noticed it! But as us who blog know, that’s not all about recognition. It’s self-processing and a collection of beautiful photography, but more. . . You give out, hoping to make someone’s day a little brighter. And learning to be faithful in the little things is momentous.

And joy of these discoveries remind me of a short poem I wrote awhile, called “Brilliance”.
Here t’is.

I’d like to write something brilliant
Among a tangled mass of words
That never seem to glow
Yet I’m really blurred.

I’d like to write something brilliant
Produce a diamond in the rough
That never ceases to shine
But it’s really tough.

Brilliance is under-estimated
Books are over-looked
It can take years to write a story
But readers are rarely hooked

Still, I’d like to write something brilliant
That would be underestimated,
Over-looked and hidden
Yet still shining to one who anticipated

I’d like to be the pirate who
Buries the treasure
And lets someone else be
The searcher who gains the pleasure

Have a lovely evening!