This evening I sat in a room full of very wise people, chomping on cherries and sipping apple juice hinted with lime. Their experience outweighed mine by decades, yet they still honored my little team and expect greatness from us. They have confidence that the Lord is our strength. Yes, please. I barely feel organized. But walking blindly in faith is always an adventure.

Earlier today we went on a journey to find compasses. (Can you taste the irony in that statement?)

We obviously found a couple expensive ones, but we needed like a pack of party favors or something so we could get some for thirteen kids. After too many stores, I had pretty much given up. Time to look them up on the internet? We tumbled into Kmart (my especial favorite, I affectionately call it Kayla-mart). We were rushing to catch the dinner hour and picked up miscellaneous items such as Hawaiian pencils for the visitors.

In our last desperation we checked the party aisle.

“God, please… somehow… just miraculously place compasses on the shelf… even if they’re not here…”

Literally a second after I prayed that out loud, Angel gasped excitedly, and pointed.

The exact amount we needed. Little plastic party-favor compasses perfect for our three-to-seven-year-olds.

All I can say is, God is good.