After almost three years absence from this blog, I have decided to return and give account of the adventures I have been having as a young teacher. 

Since the original Explorers program, I have graduated high school, travelled to Cambodia once more, and worked as a full-time nanny. In February 2012 I began my three-year university degree to train as a primary teacher in Tauranga, New Zealand. Now half way through my second year, I find myself still wanting to be teacher– even though with each step, I realize how much more back-breaking and heart-wrenching this calling really is.

This calling, in simplicity, is just following Jesus. I write, because in the process of typing words on a bright laptop screen, I am made aware of the greater journey with Him. This telescope is to gaze on what is already near, namely, Christ. Except He isn’t a “what”, but a “who”, and oh how I need eyes to see our relationship in the daily rigor of my life.

So join with me again, put on your paper hat and grab your cardboard telescope, and become the explorer you were made to be– an explorer of God’s heart. 

Let’s go!

[Photo credit: Larisa Wagner, April 2013]