“O my soul, faint not O my soul, keep up, in love” -Jenny & Tyler

I woke up this morning so oddly sad. Maybe it was my dreams, or waking up so early… but I guess it was a turmoil of thoughts… I leave for New Zealand in a month, for university. My feelings are everywhere, this crazy blend of excitement and sadness and awe. Oh Jesus. He is constant, I had to tell him this morning. I also told him I loved him but I didn’t know what to think.

And he asked me,
Will you still hold on to me though your world is falling apart?

I told the Holy Spirit, with his grace I would.

“When I am afraid I will trust in you,
When I’m overcome I will cling on to the Rock”
-Laura Hackett 

I started listening to this song by Laura Hackett- about the constancy of God. And it was just one of those days where I felt as up and down as the waves I see so often. And I had to remind myself. Yes. He’s the stability of our times. He is so kind. I love him. He is strength beyond anything I can comprehend. And He loves me?! I feel like he should just be the movies of all time. The story of the century, the millennium, the age. THE ROCK. Constant through all my changes, constant through humanity’s shifting shadows.

“Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” -James 1:17

Come to him, all who are weary and heavy laden… and He WILL give you rest. 

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