We were flying over the city and I stared down at the countless rows of Californian suburbs. How many thousands of people were able to be framed with my small fingers? All I could see were houses and cars and houses and cars and trees and roads. But I knew there were people. By the thousands, all way down there, lost and loved, maybe quite a handful lovers of God in return. Who knows? All I know is that when you view our life from an airplane, you begin to see how pathetically tiny humanity is. 

But God cradles every life and know when a sparrow falls. What kind of God is that? Merciful. Loving. Beautiful. Wonderful. Filled with affections for us, individually. How He constantly creates uniqueness boggles my mind as well. But that’s another set of thoughts and I could go off on God’s creativity. I make things but they are all imitations, imitations. God just creates something totally new that no one has ever thought about before! Never imitation! He was like, sweet. . . Missouri farmland, then Grand Canyon, then Pacific Ocean, all so radically different. All shouting of His character. . . unfathomable. Hah. Isn’t he just awesome!