[a page from my history notes at Makua Lani]

I only have four more days of class… sad, yes- but relieved.

This has consumed my brain for two weeks. I’ve learned so much, but I’m ready for summer again.

Wait, summer? Not exactly. I will be in AP Composition class and our homework for the first day of school is to read three books, annotate and keep a journal on them, and write four essays. And wow, Don Quixote is long (but I found the coolest version of it at the secondhand bookstore!). Hopefully I can do all this by August 19.

I’m not too worried. I actually enjoy reading and writing, and am trying not to remember that it is schoolwork. It’s my last year anyways, so no big deal.

I’m especially excited about going to school again: not being the teacher. I will sit in a classroom and just say “I receive!”. I’ll have to do lots of work, but I won’t have to be constantly preparing and planning and worrying about parents and kids. I can focus all my effort on learning and blessing the others around me. That’s my mission. I don’t know how successful I’ll be, but I know God honors those who try.

My eyes are drooping and I’m supposed to be planning tomorrow’s schedule. Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.