Two-year-olds are picky eaters.

If you’ve had a toddler, or spent a few hours with one—you know. 

One moment they’re chowing down their spaghetti. The next moment? It’s splattered across the floor. I mean, sometimes it’s an accident. They’re still getting those fine motor skills developed.

But when I was a daycare teacher, with a max of 18 toddlers in a room, I definitely saw my fair share of picky eating. You try all your best tips and tricks (and resort to eating the leftovers yourself), but some days you just have to pick your battles. Or sweep up that broccoli.

But one thing I could always guarantee to go fast was afternoon tea—the sweet stuff.

However, you know the drill. If you don’t give seconds of cake… or maybe thirds… or fifths… you are suddenly the worst grown-up to ever walk the planet. 

Oh, it’s been a sermon since sugar was invented.

But this month, I kept thinking of those toddlers. How much I actually wanted to give those kids a third slice of cake, but I knew the scraped knees after their sugar crashes weren’t always worth it. 

That’s why I loved mac-n-cheese day. 

The kids would chirrup “more, pwease” without stopping—and our cook would just end up handing me the massive dish and I’d happily circle the tables, slopping seconds or thirds or fifths into their tiny bowls. 

I loved giving them what they asked for. I loved giving them more. I loved their satisfied little giggles and I loved wiping that cheese sauce off their tiny hands. 

And I was just a teacher. 

How much more does your heavenly Father love to give you what you long for? 

Yes, He gives you what you need. But there are too many verses in the Bible about how He loves to give what you want, too (Psalm 81:10, Luke 18:41, John 16:24)

What desires do you have, even unspoken? 

I know the idea that God wants to give them to you can be way too good to be true. 

But what if He does want to? 

It might be time to start dreaming again. 

You open your hand,
You satisfy the desire of every living thing.

-Psalm 145:15